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VIS doesn’t believe only in traditional teaching but also teaches its students valuable life skills.

The class is not limited to books. The best practices come when the best school in modipuram creates nature awareness among their students.

Why Is It Necessary To Teach Students About the Environment?

Teaching students about the importance of the environment from an early age is a plus factor.

It helps them to understand the difference between natural and artificial life.

The teachers at VIS, the CBSE school in modipuram  Brings out the innovative techniques to make their activities fun and interesting:

1. Outdoor Activities

VIS school in modipuram encourages its students to explore and witness nature. By organizing outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and mountaineering.

It keeps them near nature and makes students more physically active.

2. Organising Gardening Activity

It’s a little step to get closer to nature. VIS often organizes planting activities and motivates students to learn and develop their skills in taking care of their plants.

It gives them a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

3. Promote Environmental Awareness

VIS, the best school in Meerut, engages its students by promoting the importance of nature. By organizing awareness campaigns such as the cleanliness of school property and nearby areas.

These activities ignite the sense of love and protection in students towards mother nature.


These little activities towards nature help your child to become a nature lover, which further helps in preserving the planet.

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