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The development of a mindset is essential for self-growth. Therefore the modern education system believes in enlightening the students’ talents and hobbies. 

VIS, the best CBSE school in modipuram, has taken a curve from traditional learning to practical knowledge and experience. 

VIS School in modipuram encourages students to excel in all fields besides studies.

Extra curricular activities are an essential part of the VIS best school in modipuram, where they prioritize the student’s growth and mental health.
Extra curricular activities for students by VIS CBSE school in modipuram:

1. Academic Activities

Each student possesses different skills. Not every student has the same learning potential as others. 

Educational activities bring out the opportunities for all students to come out and opt for the best exercises which interest them.

Be it poetry, recitation, quizzes, experiments, debates, and writing.

2. Outdoor Activities 

Students get tired from their routine. To maintain their spark and interest in school outdoor activities works wonders. 

Activities like swimming, cooking, gardening, and camping helps students in personality development and release.

3. Fun Activities 

VIS, the best school in Meerut, lets its students learn and shine with creativity. 

Activities like painting, sketching, dancing, and singing are beautiful ways to express our feelings. 

These activities help the teachers to analyze their students’ mental health status. 


The objective of conducting these activities makes teachers and students bond strong. Help students show their hidden talent. 

These activities result in boosting the confidence of the students.

Extra-curricular activities, along with the studies, do not only make students brilliant but also intellectual and creative.