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Bedtime stories from grannies have become a legacy, and we all feel nostalgic. 

Children love to hear about their parents’ childhood stories, which is how they develop their learning skills.

Bedtime stories put all the stress away and bring a sense of happiness to your child.

It doesn’t only make parents and children relationships stronger but also makes your kid’s brain work effectively from the early stage.

Therefore, bedtime stories build language skills and learning capability, teach moral values and develop an interest in reading books.

VIS, the best school in Meerut, encourages parents to build bonds with their children through little activities such as bedtime stories.

Here are some reasons mentioned by the best school in modipuram why you should read bedtime stories to your children:

1. Helps In Relieving Stress

After a long tiring day, when your child gets bed ready. Stories calm their mind, and your love assures them the comfort which brings them a good sleep.

2. Healthy Imagination

Reading regular stories enhances your child’s imagination. They listen and imagine the scenes which interest them more. It brings out their creativity.

3. Learn About New culture and Lifestyles

VIS school in modipuram has the best way of enhancing their students’ knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles through parents to children by short bedtime stories.

This way, the children learn about different parts of the world on their comfort level. 


Best CBSE school in modipuram believes not only in encouraging their students but also in their parents to balance the bond and mental health among them.

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