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We know that any examination leads to a lot of stress.  The key to dealing with that stress is to study smartly, which will turn your efforts into good performance.

Students who perform well in their studies have some techniques which increase their productivity.

However, studying smart is lacking in some students, which affects their performances.

We all have gone through the phase of fear and anxiety before exam time. Isn’t it?

Studying for long hours without any strategy and plan with the belief that we’ll achieve good results, and in the end, the student gets exhausted and loses focus. 

It’s never too late. You can still work on your learning skills with smart learning. It’s better to study with a smart technique than follow the regular pattern. 

Don’t worry! Here we’ll discuss 5 proven tips with you to help you overcome these problems:

Follow The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique emphasizes studying in segments on a stretch of 2 hours. In the starting study for 30 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes to continue this way. 

The technique will not only keep your mind fresh but also makes your study time efficient. Keep practicing this technique for better performance. 

Stay Focused and Revise

Do not give one day to a particular subject. Schedule your timetable and study 2-3 subjects in a day. This way, you’ll remember what you have learned, and it’ll build up your revision practice. 

You can make a checklist of your daily timetable of how much time you need to give on each subject along with its revision. 

Giving a tick mark on each task will provide you with a piece of completeness and satisfaction which will eventually make you more productive. 

Consistency is the key

Consistency is one of the powerful, intelligent learning techniques. You can’t miss it; consistency plays a vital role in building your learning skills. 

Consistency develops reading habits and makes you an active learner. This way you won’t leave anything for tomorrow, and you can also manage to play with your friends regularly. 

 Make your own notes

While reading, keep your notebook ready to note down the important things. Writing notes will improve your mental ability to remember things. 

Reading your notes makes it easy to grasp the topic. Highlight the difficult part in your notes to have a glance during revision. 

You can make sticky notes to important points and create subheadings of each chapter along with short and crisp answers. You can also make flow charts, diagrams, or mnemonics to memorize easily. 

Teach Your Friends 

It’s the most effective way to keep up with your learnings. Whatever you’ve learned, share it with others and quickly explain them. 

Teaching others helps you to retain the knowledge. It’ll clear the concept of the topic among you. Keep testing yourself weekly to analyze your progress.

These are some techniques or hacks which help all the students to create a life balance and increase efficiency in their learning skills.

Ved International School knows how to guide its students to become more efficient and productive with the newer and much more innovative teaching techniques. Our goal is to make each student better by analyzing their grasping abilities and providing a suitable learning method as each student is different. 

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