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Parents who are worried and in hunt for a good school for their child, Well, your search ends here! 

Here’s what we bring to the table!

1. Hybrid Education System

Idyllic environment for a reason: Now students can get to cover up for all the classes that they miss due to any emergencies or family functions at their home before they come to school. We offer recorded lectures to the students every day.

2. A Stable Foundation

Extra Support: We know it’s confusing for a child to select and decide their future and they keep themselves engaged in many coachings after school. We believe that the roots should be strengthened and we guarantee that your child will not need outside tuition because we are providing extra support for JEE/NEET/NDA/NTSE at no extra cost in the school. 

3. QnA  With Experts

1:1 In-Person-Mentoring: Many students feel hesitant to ask questions in class. We create a friendly atmosphere in school  for each child to open up and ask their doubts directly to the teachers. 

4. Save money as well as time

We guarantee that a student after coming to Ved International School will not need any tuition or extra support. A win-win situation for both parents and students. It saves a lot of time and money. 

5. Advanced Study Pattern and Methods

We keep up with all the latest teaching methods and techniques. For students from classes 1 to 8, we’ve modified approximately 70% of the syllabus in the form of games, fun activities and interactive sessions that help students in a greater retention of concepts and makes coming to school everyday interesting for them.

6. Confidence and Positivity Check

Regular Mental Health Awareness, Counselling and Motivational Sessions help in keeping the morale of our children high. No matter what, we help them in every possible way. 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to go by our word. Check for yourself. Get your child enrolled for 7 days free demo class and see for yourself. Once your child gets enrolled at Ved International School, we take their full responsibility and ensure to build a better future and exposure for your child by providing world class facilities at the least amount of fees possible. 

So, what are you waiting for?! See you soon in the school.

Click here to know about everything in detail. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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