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VIS Meerut:  Strategies On Encouraging Students To Excel – Each student is unique. Not all students are interested in studying or are active in the classroom. They feel lazy and exhausted, and some students are even unorganized. These are some challenges where we play a vital role in taking actions for healthy tackling of these things. 

VIS – “Best School in Modipuram, Meerut”:  Our primary focus is to motivate each student in order to make them efficient. We do it by investing extra time in co-curricular activities through interaction and giving them extra attention. 

Motivating a student is a difficult task. Unmotivated students lack efficiency; they feel hesitant and incapable. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons for a student to feel unmotivated or uninterested in class or daily activities. 

It could be a teaching method, the teacher’s behavior, or the student getting distracted by the little activities in the class. 

It’s difficult in the beginning, but it does get better by putting some time and effort into making the class enjoyable for the student. 

So, what are the strategies that we use to encourage the students? 

Here are a few techniques that help us – 

  1. Encourage Students 

Don’t categorize the students. Treat them equally. Stop the assumptions that they can’t do this task or work that’s beyond their limits. Instead, allow them the work and ask them to participate in activities and tell them that they can do it.

These little talks encourage students to believe in their teachers, which makes them happy. 

  1.  Friendly Learning 

Create your classroom into a friendly space that makes students feel more comfortable, and they can easily open up. It doesn’t mean you have to make your class full of activity rooms. 

Good interaction and powerful teaching develop the interest of each student. A way of telling a story that hooks up the whole class and QnA round where all students participate. 

You can encourage students by saying “good answer,” “nice work.” These praises keep them motivated, and students feel more productive. 

  1.  Involvement is Necessary 

Give students tasks like decorating the billboards, maintaining the cupboard, and erasing the blackboard. Allotting these tasks to less productive or unmotivated students gives them a sense of responsibility and encourages them.

The results will take time, but you’ll be happy to see their progress be it getting open or taking part actively in the class.

  1. Reasonable Incentives 

Set a milestone for every month on each student’s performance. Performance doesn’t always mean good scores. It ranges from creative ideas to drawings, cleanliness, improvement in scores, etc. 

Some students need an extra push to step out of their zone. These rewards give students a sense of appreciation and encouragement to excel in their studies. You can do as little as rewarding the child with candy or chocolate. 

All it takes is for the teacher to analyze each student and act accordingly. We do exactly that, at Ved International School, Siwaya, Meerut

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