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School is the foundation for any child’s growth. A school is not limited to teaching. 

A school is where a child learns the most valuable life lessons.

A child’s mental and emotional growth depends on the school’s environment. Hence, a school where a child learns develops and understands the aspects of humanity, nature, love, education, and equality.

The Best CBSE school in Modipuram ( Ved International School) stands out for offering its students a world-class education and a friendly teaching experience. That embarks the ability of students for a better learning experience.

Ved International CBSE School in Modipuram believes in providing a holistic approach to its students.

Being the Best School in Modipuram: VIS focused on their students’ mental growth by teaching them time management tips. That will help their students upscale their skills in learning management.

6 Quick Time Management Tips For Students

Time management is crucial. That’s why VIS school in Modipuram is developing a habit of teaching students to learn about time management skills.

Time management skill does not only help you to cope during your exams, but also it’s a life savior. It’s brain food.

Here are the time management tips they imply each day:

1. Create A Schedule

Firstly, plan a calendar. Creating a schedule is an integral part of keeping ahead of time. For example, you can block off time to prepare for a particular assignment. 

A planner helps the child prioritize their important task by not leaving them on another day. 

Highlight with different colors the exam date, important assignments, crucial subject preparation along with specific time. It helps a child to grasp the planner without any difficulty quickly.

2. Start Early

We encourage all students to start early with their work. Complete your assignments immediately after school. 

Do not wait for an evening or night as it’ll lower your energy level and stress you. 

The early start has benefits. You’ll be free after an hour. You still have free evenings and nights where you can have fun with family and friends with no stress on your mind.

3. Avoid Distraction and Procrastination

Always go to a peaceful place where you can focus on your work. Well, it varies from person to person. For example, some are more motivated in group studies whereas some like a quiet atmosphere.

Do not let procrastination overrule you. Instead, dodge it by keeping your cell phones and tv off. 

If a student does not understand an assignment, they can freely ask their teachers without hesitation.  

Excess screen time will spoil your time management. When it’s time for homework, do it. 

We’re not saying stay away from socializing but do it according to the planner. 

You can still watch your favorite series or keep scrolling through IG but allot a time for each activity.

4. Set Target For Each Study Session

Don’t multitask. Set targets for each subject or lesson. Do not try to cover up everything in a single attempt; it’ll cause a messed-up situation for you.

Set up goals for each day, like which assignment should be completed before. How many questions do I need to attempt? 

With the help of a planner, you’ll be able to complete your assignments on time and achieve your everyday goals with ease.

5. Breaks Are Essential

Breaks are necessary as intense studying requires a lot of mental strength. Therefore, a study in short intervals like 30 minutes of homework, schedule a gap of 10 minutes, and recharge yourself. 

During those breaks, do not use cell phones and social media. Instead, take a break to eat something, sit, and relax. Small breaks boost energy. 

Repeat the same formula all the time.

6. Get A Good Sleep

We encourage students to sleep daily for 8-9 hours. Good sleep is essential for a healthy mind and soul. 

To have a peaceful sleep. Set a bedtime and finish your work on time according to the planner. 

Following this habit will automatically develop your time management skills.


Suppose any child goes through an imbalanced life due to schoolwork or extra procrastination and wants to deal with it. Then, the above points will help you to overcome the problems. 

Time management skills are helpful not for a short period but also help, in the long run, be it at the workplace, managing a house, or studying. 
Therefore, choosing Ved International School, one of the best schools in Modipuram, is one of the finest choices for your child. You can assure your child’s better future here.

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