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Being innovative doesn’t mean you need to use advanced gadgets or invest in technology. 

Innovative teaching requires a passion for learning and teaching interestingly.

The real purpose of innovative teaching methods is to encourage students to better academic output and discuss real-life problems.

VIS, the best CBSE school in Modipuram, believes in the betterment of students by providing them with world-class studies.

That’s why they use these four innovative teaching methods:

1. Project-Based Learning

PBL technique encourages students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning skills.

It also teaches them to work as a team and be patient. In PBL, teachers work as a guide to their students.

2. Jigsaws

Sharing knowledge with others is the ultimate way to retain what you’ve learned.

The best schools in modipuram encourage their students to understand the jigsaw concept to easily explain it to the other group members for puzzle solving.

3. Activity-Based Learning

Students are more interested in real-life techniques and learning.

School in modipuram is taking a step ahead and engaging students in activities rather than teaching them the theory.

For example: give students a science project or projects on environmental issues.

4. Motivate Students To Ask Questions

CBSE school in Modipuram encourages students to think beyond the textbooks by asking them 

It’s better to divide groups and add top rankers with average students so that only one group doesn’t lead and other students lose their confidence.

QnA round also makes students vocal and expressive.


The CBSE school in Modipuram entitled students to learn and grow with the innovative techniques of learning.

To polish your child for a better future. Get in touch with the best school in Meerut now.

Stay tuned to learn more about the techniques and strategies in future blogs.

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