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Leaving your assignments the next day or waiting to study the night before exams is a big No.

VIS, the Best CBSE school in Modi Puram, prepares students for an effective study plan.

Students often fail to practice an effective study pattern. But it’s never too late to start with a good habit.

To build a strong foundation for students Best school in Modi Puram came with the 4 most effective tips for study:

1. Set up a study environment 

Choose a place that brings out the productivity in you. It can be your room, park, cafe, and library. 

A good study place automatically starts registering your brain to focus on study.

2. Be regular with your studies

Regularly studying helps you to retain the knowledge. It also helps you to understand things and avoid last-minute stress. It keeps you ready for exams and surprise tests.

3. Set up the time blocks

It’s a myth that studying continuously for long hours is more effective. VIS school in Modi Puram believes that study in small parts like 25-30 minute sessions

It helps you retain a higher percentage of what you learn and after every session, take a small break to refresh your mind.

4. Share your knowledge with others

The best way to retain your knowledge is to discuss your learning with friends, or you can even use a fake audience. Sharing your knowledge helps you strengthen your confidence and understanding of the subject.


VIS, the Best school in Meerut, makes sure that its students are not lacking their confidence and efficiency. 

Make your child’s future better with the VIS CBSE school in Modi Puram.

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